We're not just into alternative farming methods, we're also heavily into alternative finance, which hopefully benefits everyone in the chain, not just the fatcats.  At the forefront of new methods of funding sustainable farming, Rosewood's tried crowdfunding with success, and encouraged by the support, now offers numerous extra ways to help beyond simply buying our produce, which will provide extra benefits for you!


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Invest in the future of Rosewood Farms & earn 6% interest p.a on your money!

We all know the banks aren't playing ball right now, so why not look at alternative investments, such as Rosewood's 'beef futures' scheme which allows you to earn 6% interest on your savings to knock off your food bill?  

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Cash in your savings on any Rosewood produce you like!

Your money earns 0.5% on your initial investment for every full calendar month it stays with us!

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Invest an amount with us - a minimum of £100 via internet banking or direct debit

Want to be more direct in your approach to improving the welfare of the animals you eat?  OK with a warm feeling inside as your reward?  This scheme is for you!

There are some things out there which are not essential for the production of beef and therefore can't be justified for us to buy in the short term as it would push up the price of our produce, and in turn push it out of the price range of some customers.  However these things would undoubtedly have a positive effect on the welfare of our animals.  Cow brushes are one of these things - when outdoors, the cattle can usually find a tree to rub and scratch on, one of their favourite pastimes!  Indoors opportunities for a scratch are more limited, and coat and skin condition can suffer.  Luckily, somebody invented the 'cow brush', and added a dispenser for plain water to cool down in hot weather, or repellents to ward off flies and lice.


Kitting out each group of housed cattle with a brush to use would cost us £888 - perhaps you would like to help?  If so, let us know

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