1) Huge potential savings - From the very start we have been determined to produce meat in as sustainable a way as possible, but at the best possible price. We want environmentally sound, healthy meat to be your every day meat, not your dinner-party-only meat, so we have striven to keep our margins low and in line with the better quality supermarket meat:

Prices as of 14/11/12 Beef: Rosewood - £9/kg for all cuts, beef mince £8/kg Tesco - 'Finest' fillet £27.99/kg 'Finest' mince £7.98/kg ASDA - 'Extra Special' fillet £31.20/kg 'Extra Special' beef mince £7.99/kg Sainsbury's - 'Taste the Difference' fillet £30/kg 'Taste the Difference' mince £8/kg Lamb: Rosewood - £7/kg all cuts Tesco - Whole leg £10.99, lean mince £8.75/kg ASDA - 'Butcher's Selection' Whole leg £7.50/kg, mince £6.58/kg Sainsbury's - Whole leg £10.99/kg, mince £7/kg Pork: Rosewood - £6/kg all cuts Tesco - 'Finest' loin steaks £11.99/kg, 'Finest' mince £8.78/kg ASDA - 'Butcher's Selection' loin steaks £5/kg, 'Butcher's Selection' mince £5/kg Sainsbury's - British Pork Boneless Loin Steaks £6.99/kg, British lean pork mince £4/kg

How do we do it? A few reasons we come out top: - no middleman taking a cut - our innovative grazing system reduces inputs to virtually nil = massive savings which we pass straight on to the customer - we ask that, in order to get such a good price for good quality meat, you buy a minimum of 5kgs at a time

2) It's convenient! - Unless you want to collect in person, we can post anywhere on mainland UK (excluding Scottish Highlands), so it comes right to your door.

3) It's ethical - All our meat is reared to welfare standards above industry norms. We are not Red Tractor approved because we don't need to be - we don't use long supply channels which require labels & logos to prove that the animals are British. Every meat label contains a unique traceability code that can trace the animals back to their birth on the farm and you are welcome to visit and inspect us against your own standards.


In 2011 we impressed the judges with the grazing system, alongside our 'sustained commitment to the environment' to be awarded the title of Think Green Business of the Year

4) It's truly eco friendly - our meat is amongst some of the most sustainable meat in the world! Our high intensity/low frequency grazing system was taken from pioneering graziers in the US, and we are thought to be the first farm in the UK to have implemented it commercially. The basic premise is that the cattle move onto fresh grass every single day. This allows plenty of time for the grass to recover, meaning we do not have to 'help' it with new seeds, fertilisers etc. The intense but quick grazing of the cattle naturally controls weeds, so no tractorwork or herbicides to use. The cattle are always moving to fresh ground, never giving parasites a chance to get hold so no chemical routine worming. The cattle get a thick, lush sward every day which makes them highly productive, and as the grazing is so efficient, we get as many kgs of beef per acre as possible, but without the usual inputs such as grain, the production of which is very oil-hungry and chemical dependent. It also means that most of the farm is fallow for 362 days a year, allowing wildlife to be left alone to flourish. In the case of the pigs, we use home or locally grown ingredients and mill it here on the farm, adding a little British nonGM oil. We therefore NEVER use imported soya or GM ingredients, our pigs get their protein from traditional peas and/or beans and sometimes milk. No 'waste' milk containing antibiotics is used. Our pigs are not 'free range' as our heavy wet clay soils are vulnerable to soil damage & erosion when the turf is broken and pigs do love to root. Instead we provide them with airy straw-bedded yards which provide plenty of fresh air & space to root, only without the rain! We believe this is more environmentally friendly than the majority of free range systems which use twice as much land area for feed & range.

Our meat has earned us recognition in various taste awards, including gaining a Great Taste Gold Award in 2012 for our short rib roast beef joint, available as part of the Slow Cook Saturday Beef Box

5) It's healthy - Our grazing animals NEVER eat grain in their lives, giving them a diet more akin to that of game such as venison, known to be lean and healthy. Many studies are now pinpointing that grassfed meat contains the correct balance of omega oils and natural fats aswell as being more nutrient dense (more 'bang for your buck'!). Contact us for further reading on the subject if interested. Ideal for paleo/primal diets.

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